Tuesday, August 4, 2009


While working in the garden I could hear a lot of twittering going on, it was 5 baby Swallows being fed by their parents, that was back in June. It was rather difficult to get good photo's as they were so high up. I am including a nice poem about the Swallow by Paddy Lysaght from his collection of "A Torrent of Versatile Verses".

Glad to see the Swallow back again
Perched on the high wires. Soon their song
Will cheer us all this summer long.
And on the rafter by the stable door,
Their mud made nest will shortly be
Relined for this year's progeny.

They flit about the lawn and trees,
Shoot silently in and out the stable door,
They wing-flap and by up-draught soar
Upwards, then down-dive at their ease.
Of beauty and movement the epitome,
They enrapture us as would a symphony.


  1. Hello Ann,
    Hopefully your foxes are more wild than mine. I enjoyed your blog - I like the poetry and the pictures.

  2. You got very nice photos of the Swallows...I love birds...and I love to watch them.
    The up and down movement of the birds and the comparison to the symphony were lovely words by
    Lysaght. Thank you for sharing the photos and the poem.
    Smiles from Jackie

  3. Lovely poem Ann...we have a few swallow like birds that built their nest in our chimney once...I love watching them glide overhead.

  4. Swallows have always been same as summer to me. The summer is really here in this cold Scandinavia as the swallows have arrived. And then as they move in Septemper, it feels so empty. Empty as we know that there is the dark time to come (polar night)and so long time untill it's spring again.

  5. Ann...I just jumped back over to look at your Swallow photos again! I had to smile as I clicked on the next to the last one and the last one. They are possessive li'l buggars, aren't they.....fighting for space when there is plenty of line for every one of them. They do make me smile...You did a great job capturing them!

  6. Beautiful pics and poem, thanks for posting, Ann.

  7. Nice series of photos and poem. It looks like they were all quite vocal, just like a bunch of kids.