Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swat That Fly

I have yet to come across anyone who would say, I love flies as they would dogs, cats, birds etc. I was reading a small article on why the fly is important for the preservation of the environment. Apparently the fly is an expert on recycling and is indispensable to the economy of nature. They lay their eggs on decaying plant or animal remains, this serves as food for the developing larvae and returned to the soil in the form of droppings, thus providing a food supply for plants and bacteria and so the cycle is complete.

I think we know too they can be dangerous as they act as vectors for innumerable diseases, conveying germs from one host to another. I looked around for a fly to photograph, and you know, I couldn't find one, so, I'm happy about that. I had to borrow this one, Here is another appropriate poem by Paddy Lysaght from his collection "A Torrent of Versatile Verses".

"Swat that fly", my hubby said,
"I cannot stand his buzz".
"For goodness sake, relax" I said,
"What is he doing to us?"
He threw a might swear at me,
He fixed me with his eyes.
"I'll kill the hoor myself", he said,
"I hate those bloody flies".
He swore once more. I answered back -
There's more to it, of course -
But that dust-up about the fly
Ended with our divorce.


  1. Cute! I think about what my biology teacher told us in class one day. He said, "If you see a fly on your bread, for heaven's sake, don't shoo him/her away." (I just frowned....but listened.)
    He said, "The fly salivates and turns the area of the bread that he/she is on into this liquid that it sucks up through its tube. If you swat him away, think what you're eating." I wasn't listening. I was gaggin. If I swat a fly off my food, there's no chance I'm eating the food anyway.
    Cute poem, Ann.

  2. Hi Ann


    Happy days

  3. The poem is very cute! Goes to show how significant flies are. I often wonder why there are so many insects that plague us, but every little critter plays a part in nature. I just wish that the yellow jackets would play a part further away from me!

  4. I know they are important...but, I still don't care for them! Just their buzzing around is annoying, anything that was once a maggot ugh!!!

  5. Necessary evils, I guess the could be called! All the same, I'm not too fond of them - at least not inside the house. And the same goes for spiders. They're great for catching other bugs but some species (brown recluse) can sure inflict a deadly bite. :(

  6. Interesting topic! I must admit I hate flies!If I see or hear one in my house I get on a mission to seek and destroy! I did enjoy the poem though, really cute!

  7. I love taking photos of the fly. God made us all so perfect. but I do wish he would revoke the fly bit after the Pharoah let his people go, they seemed to be all over Egypt in the same density , especially where I decide to eat or sit, at least now we have sprays that we can spray on, one is called OFF! maybe they missed the first word on purpose, then there is doom. but that kills everything else in the room and my little Greco has enough of a problem with the lecy zapper. already lost two they fried trying to get the zapped flies out of the tray. then tey fall to the ground and the ants get them and then in a few hours they have disappeared in the food chain, as we all will one day, some nice spiecies of flies on my blog, even taking tea with me. www.myegypt.co.uk