Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Celebration

What was it this morning that brought so many birds to the nut holders just outside my kitchen window. I could see baby birds, teenage birds, mother and father birds, all squabbling away with each other to get their turn at picking the nuts. I wonder was it because it rained heavily all night and they were wet and hungry, or were they all gathering for an August 1st celebration. I was particularly delighted to see several Green finches and Sparrows. They were once the most common bird in the garden, now I almost get excited if I see one or two. As soon as I went out to take some photo's, there was a vanishing act.


  1. Green finches, how wonderful!! I need to get a finch feeder, they crack me up the way they eat upside down.

  2. I love birds. I was at Mama's yesterday, and the birds were everywhere....until I went outside to capture them with my lens. You are exactly right....vanishing act. I was content to sit in the 'bird room' (glassed room Daddy built for Mama) to watch them return. I notice that right after a rain, they come quickly...and plentifully.

  3. Here's my theory of why there's so many birds squabbling at the feeders this time of year...after having 2 or more sets of babies fledge, I think they all have a family reunion at the feeders :)...I was out walking this morning and there were all types of young birds fluttering and chirpping away.

  4. I just love all birds !!!!! After rain you often see many of them and the air is so fresh then ! :)

  5. Hello Ann

    I see you are very fond of birds too...
    Most of our birds are nectar feeders or insect feeders so having a bird feeder won't work for me unfortunately. I have put out a large tray of water and hope some come to drink or bathe...

    Happy days