Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frogspawn and Tadpoles



Back in March when I first spotted the Heron eating frogs, I discovered the pond was oozing with frogspawn. A month later the pond was absolutely alive with tadpoles and still is, I can't help wondering what the garden is going to be like when they turn into frogs. I presume there will be an awful lot of hopping going on.


  1. Oh - so wonderful photos! I've seen the frogspawn, too. But not the tadpoles yet. Very nice collage! Wish you some wonderful days ahead! :)

  2. I remember that beautiful grey Heron. You do have hundreds of tadpoles, looking forward to followup photos, Ann!


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  4. You might have to take away that Chinese comment abowe because it might have VIRUS !
    Lovely pics of pond !!!! And you must take pics of those frogs then !!!! I love frogs.
    ps. wisky is so expensive and that was the cheapest but quite drinkable :) ..and now I'm curious to see how expensive Irish wisky is and I must go to town and check it out. I'll tell you then :)

  5. Y no sólo saltos, también habrá aflautados cantos, tan hermosos de escuchar...
    Gracias por tu visita, me ha encantado :)

    And not just jumps, there will also be fluted edges, so beautiful to hear ...
    Thanks for your visit, I loved it:)

  6. Lovely pictures of the pond, there will be a lot of frogs in the summer :) I look forward to seing photos of them.

    At the school of my youngest child there is a pond and there were lots of frogpawn earlier in spring. Unfortunately much of it has been killed by the frosty nights of April.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ann :)

  7. My oldest once put tadpoles into her fish tank. When they start sprouting legs, they turn into frogs quickly!

  8. Beautiful images, and something I've never seen up close before. Your garden will be quite musical very soon. =)

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