Sunday, May 30, 2010


These two glamour boys are living in our area for a few years , they are often seen walking the road and visiting gardens, they are regular visitors to my garden, at night they take off and sleep in some high trees in the area.

Last night there was consternation when a neighbour saw four boys bundle one of the peacocks into a car. She had the good sense to take the number and phone the police. All ended well, when after about two hours, the four boys were back with the police, to the relief of the neighbours, the peacock was set free. He looks none the worse for wear except for a few ruffled feathers.


  1. Great photos! What bright colours the peacocks have, and they sure are a sight with all their feathers spread out.

    Good to hear the peacock was unharmed after the "meeting" with the boys.

    Have a good week :)

  2. These are the courtiers of birds !! So beautiful !

  3. Very lovely photos, Ann...I especially like the first one with the purple flowers in the background! I hope the young boys' intentions weren't to mean harm!

    My granddaughter Amanda leaves for Belfast on July 2. I believe I mentioned to you once that her college selected her to volunteer at the Quaker Cottage there, helping children and women of need. She will be there 6 weeks.

    Wish I were going there too, Ireland is so beautiful!


  4. Beautiful shots! Peacocks are such lovely birds and it must be fun to see them in your garden. I'm glad to hear that the peacock survived its captivity unharmed. Kids don't always realize the consequences when they are on a lark.

  5. Hi Ann, The Peacocks are SO pretty... I love it when they spread out their feathers --to show off!!! GORGEOUS!!!

    Have a great day.

  6. Oh wow! I could'nt imagine these lovely birds visiting my garden. They are so beautiful! I wish people could just leave birds and animals alone. It saddens me to hear of things like this. I am so glad the bird didn't get hurt.

  7. Peacocks are such beautiful birds. I have never seen them roaming free, but always in a zoo. What a treat it must be to have them visit your garden!

  8. I have not seen this bird for years. Maybe it is time soon. :)

  9. Such glamorous birds! I'm glad the police came! I hope they'll be in peace hereafter.. The summer has come to Oslo and I'm happy! Have some nice days! :)

  10. my goodness gracious! what a beauty! thanks for dropping by....will follow your blog right now!

  11. Hi Ann!
    Thanks for comment on my side, I am not so good i english. But a try..
    Verry Beautiful peacock, and photo's
    Thei is Cute..
    And you have a fine Blogg. :)
    Have a Nice day, and Summer.
    From Helene.

  12. The peacocks are magnificent! We do not have any around here, though a neighbor has reported seein a Guinea Hen under her feeders of late. It is obviously an escaped domestic. They have all the noise of a Peacock but none of the glamor!

  13. Hi Ann - I hate to think what those boys may have had in mind for that peacock ;-) Boys will definitely be boys, won't they? I'm glad it all turned out well!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment!
    Your garden is so lovely! And how neat to see a gray heron catch a frog - I've only seen them with fish, though I know they have a much larger diet.
    Can't imagine having tea at Adare Manor - how huge that place is and I bet gorgeous inside.

  14. Hi Ann. Thanks for looking and commenting on my blog. I love everything Irish! Your blog is just lovely! In looking through your past posts, I see we have quite a bit in common. I have done a post on frozen fog,(which I've actually seen) peacocks,swallows, sunsets and a heron. I have a few posts planned for mushrooms. You seem to have an amazing wonderful yard where all kinds of creatures wander into. I have heard of Greylag geese, but not seen one, that post was interesting. I see you did a post on the REAL robin, where the birds we call robins here in America are not really robins at all. I enjoyed seeing your cute little robin, who is the real thing.

  15. Wow, beautiful photos. Close family friends had some when we were growing up and I have always been fascinated. Do they leave feathers behind for you?

  16. I love peacocks and your photos are beautiful!..Christine