Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day (Lá Bealtaine)

Bealtine the celtic beginning of summer.

Summer snowflake down by the riverside
Across the road, over the neighbours garden wall

Apple blossoms in the back garden

One of the several shrubs in the front garden

Daisies glistening in the sun
and Primroses at the edge of a walking path.
To-day the hymn "Flowers of the Rarest" is usually played on our local and national radio stations. 
Here is a verse of the hymn:
Bring flowers of the rarest, bring blossoms the fairest,
From garden and woodlands and hillside and dale
Our full hearts are swelling, our glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest flower of the vale. 


  1. The apple blossoms look so nice. I wonder how they smell...

  2. And a blessed Beltane to you! :-)

    Wow, it is no kidding really Spring there where you are! Gorgeous flowers - my favorites are summer snowflakes on the banks of the river, and of course the daisies. I think daisies are so pretty and cheerful, they always look like they're smiling. And this photo of them is especially beautiful!

    Do you know Loreena McKennitt's song "Huron Beltane Fire Dance?" Thought I'd share it as my little Le Bealtaine gift to you! :-) Happy May!

    1. Thank you Laloofah, beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous photos!! =) and spring has come for full at your place I can see! :) Lovely, lovely spring! :)
    and a lovely poem also! :)

  4. Your blooms are fantastic!....Christine

  5. Beautiful flowers! I especially love the daisies! Have a lovely May Day :)

  6. Great shots. The magnolias are so pretty.

  7. So beautiful and so many flowers !!!! We have rain again and the weather is not so warm yet :(

  8. Beautiful flowers and love all the watery scenes!....Christine

  9. So beautiful and such lovely flowers!