Saturday, August 29, 2009

River Walk

Took a stroll down to the Green to-day, passed the Nursing Home on the way

To take a look over the river wall and admire the view and all the wonderful wildlife.

The river was alive with swans, geese, ducks and seagulls and who knows what else.

After leaving the Green I headed for the river bank, now disused and overgrown. I paused at
this little footbridge to take in the stillness, silence and beauty of the place.

Through the overgrowth I could see the place was purple with masses of Himalayan Balsam and Purple Loosetrife

I hadn't gone very far when I was surprised to meet my sister Maura walking her dog "Judd", possibly she was more surprised to meet me. My intended walk ended here. We went back
to Maura's place.

Sat out, had tea, watched the tide come in and the sun go down. Now, it was indeed time to head home.


  1. So much beauty all around you! So many peaceful and serene spots, and nothing better than a sunset reflecting in a body of water. I love seeing the old stone walls with vegetation growing on them. How nice you coincidentally met up with your sister. That made for a fulfilling day.

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  3. That removed post was because I can't spell!!
    I'll try it again.. :))

    Ann....I can't wait to get back here....This is so pretty...I'm glad that you met Maura...what a splendid ending to a beautiful day!!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this lovely walk and your sister's picture. I feel peaceful and I appreciate it. Best to you and yours, Martha

  5. Everyone has heard of the beauty of Ireland and your photos certainly prove it Ann. I think the one with Himalayan Balsam in the foreground is just a perfect view and I love that beautiful old stone wall...such a calming place to take a walk!

    Smiles to you Ann,

  6. What a beautiful place to walk! It looks so peaceful and lovely. Then to top the day off with meeting your sister and spending time with her made it perfect. Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

  7. So beautiful! Thanks for the tour!

  8. Nice to go for at walk and then suddenly you meet your sister- so nice and nice nature, MB

  9. The tide is something that we don't have here in Finland. It has always fascinated me !!! And those river pics are so lovely. Very nice place.

  10. Hello Ann

    this is a lovely walk...I love the green, the old stone walls, the still reflections...

    What is the ivy/vegetation covered building a remnant of?

    a very peaceful stroll thanks Ann...

    Happy days

  11. No I do not have a pond of my own yet - will have in the future and then I will have the red waterlilis.. MB

  12. How wonderful are those images!!! So much natural beauty!!! I wish i was there! And that marvellous swans!!!

    And yes, all the paintings in my blog are my works :)

  13. For Delwyn, that grey building is called Caislean na Corrain meaning Castle of the Weir, we know it was used as an outpost in 1651. The weir is a very ancient - records show that it existed in 1272.

  14. Thank you for leaving your perfectly apt note on my blog. I'm glad to meet you. I love knowing that about Caislean na Corrain....if I ever get to Ireland I swear I'll never want to come home.

  15. Beautiful photos. I really like the river shot with the branches hanging over and the one next to the purple flowers. Very pretty.

  16. Jo tunnelbanan är ett smiddigt och väldigt snabbt sätt att ta sig fram i Stockholm men jag var lite snål 80 kr kostade chokladen med tomat så jag köpte den inte - jag tittade bara runt på NK.


  17. Beautiful place..Beautiful pictures!!

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