Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When the Red, Red Robin...

This is Rory, our resident robin. After a short courtship, he set up home with his wife Rose. The site they choose was a flower pot in the shed, there, they built a very cosy home, made of dead leaves and moss, lined with hair and feathers, it appeared Rose did most of the work. She laid 5 eggs and they hatched out on March 17th.
After the chicks were born, Rory came into his own, he proved to be a great little provider for Rose and their young family. He foraged under shrubs, leaves, rocks, just everywhere, for worms and insects, he had no problem at all taking food from my hand. After going on to have two more broods and working tirelessly through the summer, they have now become rather scarce, probably moulting and not wanting to show themselves.
I now look forward to seeing them emerge with new plumage and in good singing voice for the coming months.


  1. Hi Ann,
    Isn't it easy to fall in love with your resident birds...I have Carolina Wrens that return year after year and raise their close to the house. Your Robins are a daintier species than ours...they are very pretty!

  2. Hi Ann

    these are lovely little fellows. I love the rusty coloured breast.
    Did they have three broods consecutively?
    No wonder they are resting up....

    Happy days

  3. Cute little guys! They are very different than our robins. What fun to have them eating out of your hand. He had all those hungry mouths to feed so he had to take it wherever he could get it!

  4. Such lovely pictures of your pretty friends. Thanks for sharing, Ann.

  5. Such a lovely bird !
    ps. I would very much like to be called Nukke as it is my blogger name and my identity.

  6. Your robins are so much prettier than ours here in central Indiana. However, I do enjoy listening to their calling everyone 'home' in the evenings. They are the last birds I hear every night. How cool that Rory took food from your hand!

  7. I read a book about a gardener that had that bird as a friend and then last summer when I was working as a gardener I had one coming visit a few times. MB

  8. You will see the insect on the stem on the top . MB

  9. Love the robins but where is Mellow Yellow Monday?