Friday, July 17, 2009

Stray Kitten

This little kitten has been coming to the garden for the past 3 weeks. He looks nice enough in the photo but in actual fact he has red patches on his skin and is quite scrawney. He is very afraid of people but has made friends with a labrador, 2 peacocks and Cheko the cat. I gave him plenty of food and milk in the hope of gaining his trust, no such luck. However, I haven't seen him now for 5 full days, can't help wondering what could have happened to him.


  1. I hope the kitty is okay. You are so nice to feed this poor little stray.

  2. Sure is a pretty little creature. Hoping for the best and that you see him again soon.

  3. Maybe he just found someplace else that had good eats. Cats are very fickle that way.