Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Award

Thank you Hilde for giving me a Blog Award, back in November 2009. I appreciate it very much, sorry for not posting sooner. Take a look at Hilde's lovely garden blog.

I would like to pass the award on to:
A Hazy Moon
Moments of Mine
Artic View
Mike and D's Life in the Hosier State and Beyond
Elcmae's Countdown to 65


  1. Ann, it is so good to see a post from 'The Good Earth'...I have missed you.

    This is such a coincidence, just this past weekend I mentioned to my granddaughter Amanda, that I blogged with you in Ireland. She is visiting Ireland for 6 weeks later in the summer, living at the Quaker Cottage there, I forget which one, it's through her college.

    Anyway, I am happy to hear from you and the award I truly appreciate, thank you Ann.
    Smiles to you...Wanda

  2. This is such a generous gesture - thank you very much, Ann. I am so glad to see you posting again! I will definitely take the time to visit the others with whom you have shared this award.


  3. Thanks for visiting this morning Ann...I just finished placing the award on my sidebar...Thank you again for thinking of me!

  4. Ann,
    If you will e-mail me, I will assist you with adding the award to your sidebar. It's very easy to do. =) Address is on my profile page.

  5. Congratulations for the Award!!!!!!

  6. Hi Ann,
    So good to hear from you again. I've missed the Good Earth. Thank you so much for the award and for thinking of me.
    Yes you are right - the beach huts at Felixstowe are for use on lovely summer days and not for living in. I should imagine it's great to have a little refuge by the sea but I'm told they are quite expensive to own or rent.
    Take care

  7. It's very good to see a post from you again, and I love the photo. Thanks so much for the award. My son and his family are visiting until next week so I'll get it posted then.