Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holly Hedgehog

I was delighted to see on May 9th the return of a little hedgehog I rescued from our pond last year. Had no idea whether it was male or female. We named it Holly, because it sounds well "Holly Hedgehog". Each night as dark fell Holly would come to the back door for a catfood meal, in return our vegetable garden was kept fairly clear of snails. After disappearing for months, it is nice to see Holly back again.


  1. Wellcome Back Holly ! Such an interesting animal and cute as it begins to "drum" or make sounds as it is afraid. I have seen Hedgehog in my childhood, many then as we had dung pit and often rests of fish in there. And frogs has vanished too. It is so terible as Finnish nature changes too as the climate changes !

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